The Idea behind Tontalente

Music strengthens and connects people. We organise music projects and bring different people together. No matter whether someone can only play three notes, or they are a professional musician - everyone joins in together and knuckles down. Together we groove better!

Tontalente creates spaces where people can meet each other, and bring along their songs, their music and their own ways of expressing themselves. Together, we can create something new.

In our projects, we have three points of focus:

  • Bringing happiness to as many people as possible: cultural participation for children and young people
  • Intercultural understanding through music - both locally and in other countries
  • Music and political education

At Tontalente:

  • People from different cultures and parts of society can meet each other
  • We take a collaborative approach: everyone is welcome and strongly encouraged to participate and bring along their own ideas
  • Young people take the baton and are supported by professionals (peer education)
  • We address the daily lives of the participants (their district, their language, topics that concern them)
  • We address political and socially relevant issues through music
  • We also experiment with other art forms, such as dance, theatre and new media