Musical Experiments with teenagers regarding 'democracy'.

MEDLEY Women's Music Group

A medley in Persian, German, Arabic and English.

Film müzikleri: a musical exchange programm with young musicians from Lübeck and Izmir.

The video „Komm flieg mit mir“ from the District Orchestra

The first one day workshop of the HIP HOP Lab in Lübeck.

Unidos - This song was created in our advanced training (with certificate) 'Interculturell Musical Practise'.

For one year Tontalente invited 18 children from the 'Schule an der Wakenitz' to an educational journey - world music.

Danish-German music-clip in cooperation with the 'Offene Kanal Lübeck' and two danish partners from the 'Fehmarnbeltregion'.
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So viel mehr (So much more): A song created in the project District Orchestra.